FLUKE Industrial Cameras

We supply the full range of FLUKE Industrial Cameras in Ireland. We are the official distributor for FLUKE Thermal Imaging Cameras in Ireland.

For further selection of Fluke products including Fluke Air Quality and Monitoring tools, Fluke Non Contact IR Thermometers and Fluke HVAC equipment please refer to our dedicated www.fluke-ireland.ie website.
Get ahead with the new way of looking at preventative maintenance thanks to the Fluke 297 FC Thermal Imaging Multimeter. Designed to be used to diagnose electrical and electronic circuits, the instrument allows to capture thermal emissions as well as act as a regular True rms multimeter. Read More...
From: €1,199.00 + VAT

Fluke Ti450 Industrial Handheld Thermal Camera

SKU: FLK-Ti4509Hz

The New Fluke Ti450 is the state-of-the-art handheld thermal camera designed for extensive industrial use.

From: €7,495.00 + VAT

The Fluke TiS75 is a manual focus Thermal Imaging Camera that offers invaluable help when trying to diagnose condition of the equipment while at work. Read More...
From: €4,995.00 + VAT

Fluke TiX520 Infrared Camera

The highly advanced Fluke TiX520 is a tool offering functionality for professionals. The device features leading utilities to increase productivity and effectiveness of your thermal imaging duties. Read More...
From: €10,995.00 + VAT

Fluke TiX560 Professional Thermal Camera

The Fluke TiX560 Thermal Camera is a leader in its class thanks to outstanding features like the 180 degrees rotating lens and the largest touch screen display available. Read More...
From: €12,995.00 + VAT

Fluke TiS20 is a simple to use, lightweight handheld thermal camera. Thanks to the fix focus operation of the instrument is simplified and does not involve any extra steps - just aim and shoot. Read More...
From: €1,495.00 + VAT

Fluke TiS40 IR Camera offers considerable improvement over the TiS20 although just like the it has the fixed focus system in operation. Better specs however allows for more accurate images. Read More...
From: €1,995.00 + VAT

The TiS45 is an entry level Thermal Imager that features manually adjusted focus by the operator. This gives better flexibility however adds more throughput into the thermal imaging process. Read More...
From: €2,395.00 + VAT

Fluke TiS50 is a great portable thermal imaging camera that is equipped with fixed focus system making it very easy and intuitive in use. Read More...
From: €2,695.00 + VAT

The Fluke TiS55 Manual Focus Camera offers a good compromise between price and spec. Ideal for industrial environment to prevent costly machinery downtime. Read More...
From: €2,995.00 + VAT

This is an advanced fixed focus camera with Fluke Connect compatibility and built in software utilities allowing for easy sharing and reporting. Read More...
From: €4,395.00 + VAT

The TiS65 model is a highly advanced handheld device ideally suited for equipment condition monitoring allowing to detect potential problems before they will turn into costly equipment failure.

New promo price from €4,595.00 to €3695.00

From: €3,695.00 + VAT

The Fluke Connect enabled kit offers an excellent value for money when talking about the industrial maintenance kits. Read More...

Fluke Ti400 Infrared Camera

SKU: FLK-Ti400 60Hz

The all new Fluke Ti400 is a new generation high precision instrument optimised for electrical, industrial and building application. Featuring the most advanced features including Fluke's LaserSharp Auto Focus, Fluke Connect and much more.

.
From: €6,795.00 + VAT

Fluke Ti300 Infrared Camera

SKU: FLK-Ti300 9Hz

Designed for teamwork and collaboration, the Fluke Connect enabled Ti300 is a tool for extensive industrial use. It fits perfectly to environment where the issues are rectified by teams of technicians working together.

From: €5,495.00 + VAT

Fluke Ti200 Infrared Camera

SKU: FLK-Ti200 9Hz

Optimised for building and industrial use, the Fluke Ti200 is equipped with everything you will need for an effective and efficient thermal imaging.

From: €5,095.00 + VAT