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Our comprehensive Thermal Imaging Training Courses teach you how to fully utilise your thermal imaging equipment, and how to gather & interpret accurate meaningful data into reports. Most importantly, we teach you on the exact make and model of thermal imager (thermal imaging camera or infrared camera) you use day-to-day.


On-Site Thermal Imaging Training Courses

Our Thermal Imaging Training Courses can also be carried out on-site. We also offer a range of Thermal Imaging Training Courses from our 1 Day ‘Introduction to Thermography’ Training Course to a 4 Day ‘Level 1 Thermal Imaging’ Certified Training Course. We can also arrange Level 2 Certification on both electrical and building applications if required. Contact us for further information.


Thermal Imaging Training Course – QUALITY CONTROL

All training is carried out in accordance with our Quality Procedures. We are an ISO9001:2015 company  and work to keep our standards as high as possible through annual testing and internal improvement processes.

Our Level 1 Thermal Imaging Training Courses have been designed to meet and exceed ISO 18436 and the SNT-TC-1A recommended practices. The Infrared Training Limited, our accredited training partner is an independent organisation dedicated to providing BINDT approved infrared training and support.

Our trainers qualifications include:

flir_ti_training FLIR Nashua, USA Level 3 Thermography
fetac FETAC Level 6 – Train the Trainer
ber FETAC Level 6 – BER
infra-red Infra-Red Institute, Peterborough – Level 2 Thermography
infra-red Infra-Red Institute, Dublin – Level 1 Thermography

Not exactly what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact us for advice and specific requirements, we’re happy to help.