Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF

Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF

Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF


Smart, small and portable yet very powerful – these characteristics best describe the Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF.

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The Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF is a smart device that offers you full advanced functionality of thermal imaging camera enclosed in a small but very durable shell. Thanks to the effective and easy to follow interface, the operation is simple and productive. The high performance 320×240 thermal sensor provides sharp images while the built in 300-lumen LED light available for improved functionality. Thanks to multiple software utilities allowing to change levels, span and emissivity settings, the Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF breaks new grounds for portable thermal imaging. All of that in highly affordable and competitive price.

Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF features:

  • Thermal Level and Span – set and lock a temperature range to display the maximum thermal information of any object or scene with a set point and range
  • Emissivity Control – choose your desired settings easily and quickly
  • Compensate for various surface materials, ensuring accurate readings and reporting
  • Nine Standard and High Contrast Color Palettes – From standard grayscale to spectra high contrast
  • Full-Frame Mapping of Temperature Distribution – Displays all temperature data for maximum clarity
  • Multiple User Modes – Normal, Spot temperature and Level & Span included.
  • 2.4″ color display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection.
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Wide, 32° field of view
 Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF
Thermal Sensor320 x 240 (76,800 pixels)
Detection Distance12 inches to 1,800 feet
Field of View32 Degree FOV
Temperature Range-40°F to 626°F
Frame Rate>15 Hz FastFrame in Normal MODE
FocusFixed Focus
Display2.4” Color with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
MicrobolometerVanadium Oxide
Thermal Sensitivity< 70 mK
Spectral Range7.5 – 14 Microns
User InterfaceSelf-Contained Device with 3 Button Navigation
Temp. Display ScaleFahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin
Storage Media4GB Internal Drive (>4,000 images)
BatteryUp to 3.5 hrs Thermal Imaging in Normal MODE
Flashlight300 LED Lumen

Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.