FLUKE IR Windows

Fluke ClirVu IR Windows. These models provide customers an under five-minute installation and the highest arc-blast ratings available. Available in 3 convenient sizes 2”, 3”, 4” (50mm, 75mm, 95mm) and in both quarter-turn and security key latches, these new windows provide the flexibility and safety for any preventative maintenance thermal imaging program.

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    SKU: Ti450 SF6

    Save time and money – now you can with Fluke Ti450 SF6 Gas Detector. Designed to simplify the process of conducting two detections, it features built in infrared camera with standard lens and SF6 gas dectector.


  • Fluke CV200 ClirVu Infrared Window
    SKU: FLUKE CV200

    The Thermal Imaging Windows offers two main benefits: increased safety of the operator and ease of use that excludes the need to dismantle electrical panels. Fluke CV200 is a 2 inch thermal imaging window.

    219.00excl VAT269.37incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke CV201ClirVu Infrared Window
    SKU: FLUKE CV201

    The Fluke CV201 small thermal imaging window that allows to take thermal readings through closed electrical panels. The window protective cover is latched with a key.

    229.99excl VAT282.89incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke CV300
    SKU: FLUKE CV300

    Allowing for safe temperature readings while the equipment is energised and in operation – the Fluke CV300 is an effective and efficient way to monitor heat build-ups within the panels.

    295.00excl VAT362.85incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke CV301
    SKU: FLUKE CV301

    A smart solution to the problem of how to safely test heat signatures within the electrical panels – the Fluke CV301 is mountable into the panel door allowing thermal camera to see through it and record temperatures inside.

    309.00excl VAT380.07incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke CV400
    SKU: FLUKE CV400

    Some faults can remain hidden when the equipment is not energised and not under load. That’s where Fluke CV400 Thermal Imaging Window comes in handy – allowing for temperature reading while the equipment is operating.

    531.00excl VAT653.13incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke CV401
    SKU: FLUKE CV401

    Fluke CV401 is a large 4-inch IR Window that allows for wide angle thermal imaging. See where the hot spots are safely through the panel while the machinery is at operation.

    531.00excl VAT653.13incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke-050-CLKT Thermal Imager IR-Windows
    SKU: FLK-050-CLKT

    Thermal Imaging Windows often gives the only opportunity to verify heat build-up within the panels while at work. The Fluke FLK-050-CLKT IR Window is 2 inch window that offers superb image clarity thanks to the CLIRVU crystal.

    214.00excl VAT263.22incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke-075-CLKT Thermal Imager IR-Windows
    SKU: FLK-075-CLKT

    Smart and safe – the Fluke FLK-075-CLKT Thermal Imaging Windows offers an exceptional clarity of the image thanks to the CLIRVU crystal. They are waterproof and capable of withstanding electric arcs of up to 50 kA for 30 cycles.

    292.00excl VAT359.16incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke-100-CLKT Thermal Imager IR-Windows
    SKU: FLK-100-CLKT

    Designed to allow thermal imaging through, the Fluke FLK-100-CLKT thermal Imaging Windows provide safe way to test equipment while at work.

    392.00excl VAT482.16incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • Fluke-075-CLKTO Thermal Imager IR-Windows
    SKU: FLK-075-CLKT

    If you are looking for high quality thermal imaging windows consider Fluke 075-CLKTO.

    292.00excl VAT359.16incl VAT Free Delivery!