FLIR Buildings Cameras

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  • FLIR T600bx 25° Buildings Thermal Imaging Camera (Wi-Fi)
    SKU: 55901-4102

    Bursting with a large amount of useful functions, the FLIR T600bx is one of the most advanced Thermal Imagers currently available on the market. The exceptional built quality, ergonomics and superb hardware are the additional benefits.

    15,995.00excl VAT19,673.85incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • FLIR T620bx 25° Buildings Thermal Imaging Camera (Wi-Fi)
    SKU: 55901-4302

    Built with advanced users in mind, the FLIR T620bx is a professional instrument capable of delivering stunning results. Capture all details of the surface that you take the heat signature from. State of the art software will help you to process, annotate and share measurements results.

    22,995.00excl VAT28,283.85incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: 55902-4502

    Take no compromise – if you are looking for a top quality tool for the job – this is it. The FLIR T640bx Professional Buildings Thermal Imager is featuring highly advanced specs and produces stunning results. You can easily annotate the images and the MSX image enhance system allows you to capture important details that can be otherwise lost.

    29,995.00excl VAT36,893.85incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • FLIR B620 24° Buildings Thermal Imaging Camera
    SKU: 40402-3902

    Very accurate sensor is one of the benefits of FLIR B620 Thermal. The instrument is available with standard 24° lens allowing for manual and auto focus.


  • FLIR B660 24° Buildings Thermal Imaging Camera
    SKU: 40402-3802

    The top spec FLIR B660 is arguably most advanced thermal imaging camera available on the market. Enhanced with high tech solutions like GPS marking, compass, radiometric and non-radiometric video recording, alarms and 8x digital zoom, the FLIR B660 Thermal Imaging Camera is as good as it gets.