Predictive Maintenance Thermal Imaging Surveys

Predictive Maintenance Thermal Imaging Surveys with Powerpoint Engineering Ltd.

Predictive MaintenanceUsing the latest equipment and software, we perform Predictive Maintenance Thermal Imaging Surveys to help you plan your maintenance schedule and thereby minimise your shut down time. Surveys of this nature are tailored to meet your requirements and survey work includes the following:

  • Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey

This survey work of Electrical Equipment helps identify poor connections, arcing, overheating, phase imbalances and overloading. Any electrical defects that result in the generation of heat can be readily identified and resolved using infrared techniques.

  • Mechanical Thermal Imaging Survey

This survey work of Mechanical Equipment is varied. Belts, bearings, motors, refrigeration, HVAC systems – anything that generates high temperature or low temperature, can be successfully imaged without the need for a shutdown, the associated costs or risk to health and safety using infrared techniques.

In addition to utilising Thermal Imaging Surveys for Predictive Maintenance reasons, more Insurance companies now insist on you carrying out infrared surveys of your buildings before they will provide building insurance cover for you.

With our team of in-house certified Thermographers, we offer a nationwide service and can provide you with the necessary Thermal Imaging Survey in a professional, prompt and cost efficient manner.

To learn more about our Predictive Maintenance Thermal Imaging Surveys, or to arrange a booking please contact us today.