Thermal Imaging Cameras & Predictive Maintenance

Thermal Imaging is the fastest growing non-intrusive predictive maintenance technology on the market today. Thermal Imaging Cameras are now an essential tool for predictive maintenance inspections, and are increasingly being used in industrial environments. Thermal Imaging is the only technology … Continue reading

Thermal Imaging Helps Identify Insulation Problems

This is a synopsis of a thermal imaging case study that focuses on how thermal imaging (thermography) assists in the energy efficiency audits of a large retail company. Thermal imaging is powerful tool for determining the energy efficiency of buildings. … Continue reading

Advantages of IR-Fusion Technology

Flukes IR-Fusion Technology provides thermographers a number of advantages. The IR-Fusion Technology combines both the temperature measurement of an IR image with the clearness and spatial resolution of a visible image. Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Infrared Windows

The use of infrared windows has grown exponentially in industrial applications in the past number of years. Our customers for thermal imaging regularly pose questions relating to IR windows, their use and also their limitations. I have put together the following information that I hope will help in providing a better … Continue reading

Using Our Cameras for Steam System Surveys

Reduce Costs, Downtime, Failures and Equipment Damage Today’s facilities engineers are saving of millions of Euros every year with infrared steam system inspections. Significantly improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing and maintenance costs by: Quickly pinpointing faulty equipment Reducing … Continue reading

Special Offer – Fluke Thermal Cameras

We are very pleased to announce a New Special Offer from Fluke. You can get a free Smart Device when you purchase Fluke TiS20, Ti300 and Ti400 models. The offer is valid until 15th June 2016.