The Role of Training in Thermal Imaging

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Infrared Training is a very important aspect in the thermal imaging field. Anybody can purchase a thermal camera online or direct from an authorised distributor however this can be seen as the same as purchasing a car without knowing how to drive. This can lead to what we refer to in the industry as a point & shoot operation of a camera. The untrained operator captures & records infrared data however have they considered the following:

  1. Is the camera focused correctly 
  2. Has the emissivity correction been set 
  3. Level & Span  
  4. Reflections & background temperature awareness

A good thermograher really wants to capture an image that provides the most accurate information that is needed to diagnose any problems & correctly interpret the image.

Modern thermal imaging cameras are very easy to use, which you can learn easily enough on how to navigate between menus & screens with basic product training & practice. What really matters is theoretical knowledge of thermography to help you understand the capabilities & limitations of the technology.

Powerpoint Engineering offers both a 1 day introduction course which covers the basic principals of thermography & camera familiarisation & also an accredited  4 day level 1 course which covers heat transfer concepts, equipment operation, standards compliance, data analysis and report generation.

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