Flir Thermal Cameras for body temperature screening

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FLIR products are not medical devices and cannot diagnose coronavirus
infection. When configured correctly, the FLIR products discussed here can
identify individuals showing higher than average temperature relative to a
sample population. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if a
“hot” individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.  


The easiest FLIR EBT monitoring solution is a handheld camera in “Screening mode.”

Click Here for a short demonstration video.

Click Here for another video of the FLIR T540 detecting EBT on a child with mild fever (99.9F / 37.7C as reported by oral thermometer):


Researchers have confirmed a correlation between the eye cantus temperature (tear duct area) and core body temperature. Accurate temperature measurement requires multiple pixels focused on a target area. Thermography experts
recommend cameras with minimum 320×240 pixel resolution and focusable optics for skin temperature measurements on such small targets.   

Repeatable maximum temperature measurement is a function of distance, so EBT screening should be done on individual faces at a constant distance.
Higher resolution allows greater stand-off distance, especially considering
current CDC “social distancing” guidelines.  

Screening Mode is available on ALL FLIR T-series and Exx-series handheld cameras.

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