Facilities Management & Thermal Imaging – How to save repair time and heating costs

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This is a synopsis of a thermal imaging case study that focuses on the facilities management intensive operations factors such as power supply, heating, ventilation, and maintenance in the health sector.

Thermal Imaging Case Study: The Issue

A district hospital group, consisting of five hospitals including one large central hospital with intensive care facilities and additional polyclinics, has a facility area comprises 450,000 sq m.

Electrical trunking made visible by thermal imaging

A team of 30+ skilled workers are in place to keep all care facilities in operation around the clock, day and night. The team requires a hands-on tool to investigate heating problems and HVAC systems

Thermal Imaging Case Study: The Solution

The team now uses thermal imaging cameras (thermal cameras, infrared cameras) to investigate heating problems and inspect all equipment installations. Thermal imaging cameras are also used to monitor and survey the hospitals’ ventilation and cooling systems, for adjustment and reduction energy costs.

To ensure that all electrical installations are running continuously and error-free, the electricians on the team use an infrared camera during regular inspection rounds, which cover the whole electricity grid of a hospital and backup power supply station. Infrared cameras scan visual evidence (temperature measurements) over an entire surface area, which increases chances to detect anomalies.

With regular inspections, thermal imaging surveys assist with:

  • detecting leaks and moist areas for repair
  • looking at water piping systems, prior to repair work, to be able to see where to drill
  • insights into the building substance with regard to energy losses inside and outside the building
Thermal imaging shows underground heating pipesFloor heating visible via thermal image

Thermal Imaging Cameras actively increases the life cycle of facilities by reducing problem identification time and analysis with at least 50% and resulting in substation savings on heating costs.


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