Building Thermal Imaging Surveys

Building Thermal Imaging Surveys with Powerpoint Engineering Ltd.

Our in-house Certified Thermographers have experience of most construction types for both domestic and commercial buildings. Using the latest equipment and software, we can provide you with comprehensive reports detailing the performance of your specific building to the EN 13289 standard, in a simple and graphic manner.

Applications of a Building Thermal Imaging Survey are many and include:

Thermal Imaging Surveys 

  • Detecting areas of heat loss from buildings
  • Investigating commercial installations and components
  • Water Leak detection including underfloor leaks
  • Air Leakage detection by identifying failed weather seal or an air pathway through plumbing or electrical service installations.
  • Malfunctioning heating system diagnosis
  • Moisture ingress and identifying traces of water invisible to the human eye.
  • Quality of insulation by identifying damaged, missing or under-performing Insulation.

In addition to the above, we can also carry out Airtightness Testing. Also known as Blower door testing, air leakage, pressure testing, or permeability testing we can carry out certified testing to the ATTMA standard.

To learn more about our Buildings Thermal Imaging Surveys, or to arrange a booking please contact us today.